Burson Audio headphone amp/dac for Grado RS-1 Classic. What do you think ?

Or I might go with just amp for my analog rig. Amp/dac would be for both analog and computer but I would have to disconnect and move it. So, ideally I will need two of them. I know almost nothing about headphone amps and even less about dacs. I just know that Grado works fine with Grado. I may also, though not right away, get another headphones to complement the Grado RS-1. Most likely Audeze LCD-2 or some HIFIMan, panel phones.
Hi Inna,
    I had a Burson Audio headphone amp, it’s been awhile so I forget the exact one. But make sure that it’s volume control has small enough increments. Sometimes it would go from too quiet too loud. (I some situations I listen to pretty quiet music.) I get the advantage of resistor based step-ladder volume, but the jumps can be too big. Otherwise, it was a great unit.
Oran, I see.
I usually listen to at moderate level, if I go lower I fall asleep regardless of music.
Burson looks like a good idea, especially Conductor model. Should work fine with Grado.