Burson Audio

Anyone familiar with this company? They are advertising over on eBay a headphone amp and a buffer. Just gathering some thoughts as I am looking at purchasing a headphone amps for my 2 channel audio system only. I have an integrated amp and was wonder what would be a good choice at around $500.00

I've used their low-jitter clock to improve the performance of my relative's PS Lambda transport. We both heard a significant improvement.
Don't know about their other stuff -- I can only guess it's good based on my "gut".
Burson's headphone amp is based on their discrete op-amp (a very linear, high-gain amplifier stage).
I have compared Burson's op-amps to several of the top-rated op-amps and without a doubt they sound way better than everything I have tried: AD843, OPA627, OPA2604, OPA2132 and several others I do not recall right now, including some rare mil-spec versions.
I installed Burson op-amps in my ASR Emmiter amp, they have transformed the amplifier. Bass definition, midrange timbre, treble delicacy, soundstaging, dynamics, you name it, the Burson Op-amps beat any IC op-amps I have tried, hands-down.
Few solid state heaphone amps are fullly discrete, so, extrapolating from my experience, I believe that you can not go wrong with the Burson discrete circuit approach.
I have used their low jitter clock to upgrade a 7 year old Ah Njube Tjube 4000! It is extremely good! I highly recommend for price and performance. I have also used the Burson Buffer and have been very happy with the results. Quality company!
Another cheer for Burson! Great products and very friendly guys to deal with.
Would like to swap IC op amps for Burson discreets in my DACMagic. Looking for a good soldering technician in Los Angeles/Orange County to do this. Suggestions?
Mitch Singerman in Venice might be able to help you.