Burson 160D vs "others"

Hi I purchased a Burson 160D Dac after being out of hifi for a decade. Comparisons were minimal because very few dealers carry Burson. Just curious how does it stack up to other DAC's (similar price range please) Thanks.
Good against stuff in its price range - possibly even the best. But out of its depth against more expensive stuff.

I tried one last year in place of my stock Sony XA5400ES, and found I preferred the sound of the Sony all around. I was really hoping the Burson would fit the bill, for I liked the versatility of it's variable pre-amp output and USB inputs. I gave it lots of time to break in, tried 2 different transports to it, various cables (USB and RCA), different music programs on the computer etc. The USB inputs sounded best, but I was a bit disapointed overall.
The new Benchmark DAC 2 looks very interesting, and adds a very good sounding remote pre-amp volume output as well.
You made a very solid, sensible choice. Listen to it for a couple of years and build a sonic baseline in your brain. Then, if you decide to buy something else, you will have a reference to compare it with so you're not just shooting in the dark. Enjoy your DAC.
OK thanks.Sounds like I would have to spend some serious $ to better it. But I guess as time marches on the price/performance will ratio will make it more appealing.