Burr Brown vs. Wolfson dacs.....

What are the defining sound characteristics between these two companies? I see MusicHall,Nad,etc use BB...while arcam,cambridge audio,etc use Wolfson...any thoughts? Also..what do hi-end SOny players use?
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Sony ES players uses Burr-Brown DAC's.
My sony scd-c555es which uses BB.. has a very detailed sound that is quick, and accurate, maybe a tad thin sounding. Not laidback or warm sounding with my B&W's. The DAC is important but also it depends on how the DAC is implemented.
Sorry, not much help, try posting your question over at audioasylum
There are so many aspects of design affecting a player's sound that you, as an end user, probably won't be able to isolate the sound of the dac. Power supply, analog output stage, emi/rfi shielding, chassis ring or damping, and quality of electronic components are probably more problematic than the dac chip in low/mid price consumer electronics, though the dac obviously sets a limit on the best achievable performance. Among Burr Brown dac's and possibly Wolfson and Crystal too, there are chips at different prices with different noise/distortion specs and now even different dsd processing.

As Scar972 recommends, some of the modders posting at AA have expressed opinions on Burr Brown vs. Crystal and their relative 'house sounds'.

It's not DAC you do, it's the way DAC you do it!
Speaking of Wolfsons...anyone heard the new Onkyo, Interga universals which use Wolfsons?

I'm patiently waiting for reviews.
Just FYI: Integra is a brand with a 3-way collobration. Onkyo, Apogee & BAT. Apogee is very well known in the pro equipment world & they have their own site. Well known for DACs & other digital gear. So, you might find some info on Apogee gear that might be directly applicable to Integra stuff.
BAT makes all the Integra amps (as expected).
I *think* that Onkyo's inputs are in the sources (excluding signal processing) & in the multichannel amps.