Burr-Brown vs Wolfson

All the CDPs I look at in my shopping process sport either the Wolfson WM8740 or Burr Brown 1732 DAC.

I have read good and not so good things about Burr-Brown.

Is the first better than the other? Are there any major differences between the two?

One more thing : might it be one or the other, are two DACs better than just one? Isn't one enough?
The implementation is much more important than the brand of DAC. Same goes with for the quantity of DAC chips, although in this case there is a theoretical benefit to increasing the number of chips.

You gotta listen to the players and decide for yourself.


i am not impressed with 24/96 dacs, or perhaps as reubent has implied, i am not impressed with the implementation of burr brown 24/96 dacs in many cd players.

i find most of them unbalanced in frequency response, exhibiting too much emphasis in the upper mids/lower treble.

what cd players use the wolfson chip ?

i realize there is more to a cd player than the dac chip, such as capacitors in the signal path and op amps.

perhaps, the problem is upsampling, or its implementation.

i own a cd player using a crystal semi conductor dac chip and it exhibits the frequency response errors i cited above.
Of the CDPs I auditioned today, the ones that I liked most ran the Wolfson : Cambridge 640c V2 and Arcam cd73.

They sounded different from one another but I prefered both over the Burr-Brown equiped Rotel 1072.

Reubent : I now understand -- for I have heard -- how much the whole does not depend solely on the DAC itself.
As long as your auditioning, if you can, listen to no a no-oversampling (NOS) DAC as well.