Burr Brown or Wolfson

Looking to buy new or used cd player.On most of the models I am looking at, there is either a burr brown dac or wolfson.I would like to know the difference,in sound or quality of parts.Thanks Maxwell
I have heard both, as well as Crystal too.

There's more to a CDP than just the chipset to get to the end result- the converters play a big part, as well as (but maybe not as significantly) the build quality.

That said, for budget high quality sound, I really like what Cambridge Audio accomplishes with Wolfsons in the 640 (which I own) and 840 II (which I adore).
Ps- I've heard modern CDPs with Crystal and Burr Browns too, and if the player is of reputable quality, they work fantastic too. Lots of great CDPs using all three brands of chips.
Agree that Cambridge wolfson DACs sound great. The BB PCM1704 is arguably the best DAC made....although not made anymore it can be found in older CD players and still new high end ones like Esoteric, Wadia, Bow, BAT, Resolution Audio. Older ones like Krell KAV280cd are awesome and affordable.