Burning in period Nautilus 800?

B&W replaced all the units of my 800's. The mid/high freq is allright now, but the low freq are a little bit laid back. How long will it take for the big units to be broken in?
All the drivers are brand new. The low (4), the mid and high units are all replaced. It sounds a lot better than a week ago, only I miss the power in the low freq. I was wondering if people who got the 800's brand new how long it took for before the 800's where broken in. Especially the drivers of the low freq.
Hi, I can't speak for the physical parts. but new drivers have new wiring. All of the conductive metals need to be broken in like an interconnect. So figure minimum of 100 hours like a new I.C.
Mids and Tweeters do break in quicker than woofers. I've heard it many many times.. Crossover parts however, take a VERY long time to break in.. a solid 3mo + for capacitors.

To properly break in a woofer you must play the speaker with program material which contains a fair amount of bass content (obviously) and after warming up the speakers play them a fairly high level for extended periods. Preferably when you go to work. The woofers should be ready in about 400-800 hrs.

After breaking in over 40-50 new pairs of speakers, including some DIY projects, this has been my experience..

I'm not kidding either..

Hope this helps.
Thanks for all the information so far. The wires inside are all the same and also the crossover and capacitors.

By your own estimates, you appear to have spent between two and five years breaking in speaker woofers (assuming that you always have one pair of the 40 to 50 speakers being broken-in continuously, 24/7)

Since you have found that crossover capacitors take three or more times longer than woofers to break in, I began wondering how often you actually get to hear the equipment AFTER break-in?

Wow....that's dedication! Or are you pulling our legs?