Burning in of Power Cords

Assuming that we agree that power cords (heresay to some!), what is the best practical way (short of using various cable burners on the market) to accelerate the burning in process of a pc.

I have tried the brute force method - using an electric kettle (max 2KW) I guess simulating thermonuclear explosions in a HT :) A pc burnt in this way generally needed a day or so to settle in the system (playing music) before sounding better. I am not quite convinced that brute force with mega watt passage equates faster burning in.

Have also experimented with using the refrigerator as well. I reckon the cycling of the compressor may be more similar to the draw of an amp. What do you think ? If it works better than the previous method, how long should I run the pc on the fridge ?

Might a better idea not be simply playing music in the system and forgeting about it for a few weeks ?


Good question...
Short of using a Cable Cooker, A refrigerator is a good way to burn your cables in... This does cycle the cord with different draw loads and current demands. The idea of getting current thru a cord is more than just plugging it into an outlet and letting it go. We tell our customers depending on usage and the type of piece cords are used with, this will determine the length of the burn in process. Some customers have burned in cords on their computers?? Figuring that it is always on.. This is a light current draw. Bottom line, different strokes for different folks!
Remember, just because your cord is on the fridge, this does not mean it is now "Cryoed", just joking! A good few weeks on your gear with regular usage and you will be well on your way for a proper burn in!!
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For God's sake, spend your electricity on playing music using the cord and not trying to burn down the house with a 2kW electric kettle!
My experience with refrigerators is that four days is good for a regular power cord and ten days with cryo treatment. There is a noticeable difference between day four and ten with cryo'ed power cords.
Have found no fast way to burn PCs. Tried 100w, 300w lamp bulbs no diff. Depending on the cord 100-200 hours. Bob Crump say 30-days...
Put it in the freezer, second shelf from the bottom, if you have a side by side. Be sure to roll the pc clockwise and have the connectors at the 3 and 9 o'clock postition.If you have a top unit, you can put it in the center if, and only if, you face the refrigerator's door to magnetic north, (close the door.) 46 hours, wipe off the ice cream residue with a lint free cloth, and you are in sonic heaven.
Did anyone happen to notice that the milk lasted a week longer and the Ice Cream became more flavorful and was more detailed with the new power cords on Freezer!!
True story- tried to use my refrigerator to burn in an Audio Magic Stealth Power Conditioner and it's PC.

Had the fig plugged into it for two weeks, during that time the output of the ice maker was reduced by 50-75%.

As soon as I removed the little plastic wonder, the ice
maker returned to it's normal output.
Thanks for the feedback.

I am sure the ice cream taste, well, creamier with a $$$ pc on the fridge and water from the eletric kettle will be sweeter. Actually, the kettle is heavily used because we have two babies at home. But am not convinced that is the right approach.