Burning CD-Rs from iTunes and Apple Lossless Files

I have recently started to use iTunes with the Apple Lossless compression scheme as recommended by some of you.

In general, I think its great, and find it very listenable, a cinch to use on my iPods etc.

I am curious, however, about what happens to these files when burning it back onto a CD-R, to make a compilation for the car stereo, for example.

I was very excited to easily cut, paste and rip compilation CDs from my library in Itunes, but the first one I tried in the car seemed to take about 150 years for the player to read the disc.

In the end, the disc seemed to play just fine, but it took a while and would also pause again every time I changed tracks.

Made my SCD-1 seem lightning quick by comparison?!

Could this be related to using the Apple lossless files as my archive?
I have been burning from Itunes since they began and have never had
the problem you state until now. It only happened when I used the
Verbatim brand digital vinyl/CD-R discs. When I went back to the
Memorex, TDK and Maxell everything was normal again. What brands
did this for you? I was not using the Lossless setting but the WAV one.
Have you heard improvements using the Lossless setting over the

I have not heard improvements with Apple Lossless but have found it to be acceptably high fidelity and the files are still compressed to some degree which saves disc space.

Another benefit over WAV files for iPod users is that they dont drain battery life as quickly. Aplle Lossless files can also be tagged with track information in Itunes very quickly and easily and last time I checked, this was not the case with WAV files.

Some people seem to think that the Apple lossless files are indistinguishable from uncompressed, although I find that hard to believe.

Not sure what disc I have out in the car, but it may have been an old Sony disc hanging around since the purchase of my outboard CD burner ages ago. I dont know if the CDR brand is the culprit here or not and would love to hear from others.

Today, I couldnt get the burned CD to load at all.
I too experienced problems with anything other than WAV files when using Verbatim cd-rs. Once I switched to WAV, I've had no problems of any sort. My Cambridge Azur 640c would not read AIFF or Apple Lossless at all on Verbatim cd's, but would read AIFF burns on other brands. Will
I was using AIFF on the Verbatim now that I think about it. I recently switched to WAV but haven't tried it on the Verbatim that I have left. I will have to check out Photon46's findings.
OK Big Bummer

This still isnt working well.

The other day, I put the Apple Lossless burned CD into the car and it just sat there for at least 5 minutes ?!?!?!? Then it finally decided to load the disc.

Every other crappy, sometimes scratched CDs, play just fine.

So back to one of my original posts -- I love the convenience and interface of iTunes, but this whole computer audio thing is far from perfect.

And hard drive space should be the least of our concerns as it is only going to get cheaper.

So, if anyone knows, please:

1) Uncompressed, uncompromised, bit for bit, lossless files where we dont need to debate how good or bad they sound

2) The ability to use the Itunes (or equivalent) interface

3) The ability to easily "tag" files with track information

4) The ability to export the digital file directly into an external, highe end DAC


5) the ability to share this music via iPod, burned discs of compilations for parties or road trips etc.

Please do tell.
One thing I would recommend is using Taiyo-Yuden CD-Rs. I have used them exclusively for years with no problems. I normally use other applications to burn my CD-Rs from AIFF files, but recently, I have been experimenting with using iTunes to convert Apple Lossless and MP3 files to audio compilation disc, still without the problems you describe.

As far as you burning in iTunes, are you using "Disc At Once" or "Track At Once" in the iTunes preferences? I also burn at the slowest speed possible to get a finished product that plays most anywhere.
Sorry for the references to "DAO" and "TAO" in the above post; I was thinking of another app. iTunes defaults is "Disc aat Once" since it finalizes the CD whether it has one track or is full.