Burning CD from I-Tunes

New to this. Purchased roughly 1.2 hours of tunes from the I-Tunes database with no problems.

Burning (transferring) same tunes onto CD took about 30 minutes. Does this seem slow? Thanx.
go to

preferences - advanced - burning

and you can select your burn speed

You can set your own burning standards...Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Burning > XXXXX.

Keep in mind that the slower the burning speed, the more accurate the burn will be.

Happy tunes!
I have found that even if I select 1x as "preferred" speed, it still burns in fairly short order. Why is that?
I am burning at the "fastest rate possible" selection. Again, in view of this, is 30 minutes burn-time reasonable for just over 1 hour of music? Thanx.
is burning the songs the same quality as buying the original discs.
Flyin2jz if I am not mistaken when you download songs from the itunes they come in mp3 format, not what you want. MP3 quality is terrible at best!!!
The answer to your question is no. If it is taking you 1/2 hour to burn 1 hour of music something is not right. When I am burning a cd in ITunes I can watch the burn speed and it is usually at least 8X speed. (1 hour cd would burn in about 7-8 minutes) Make sure you have the latest version of ITunes and all "advanced preferences" are set appropriately. Also, make sure you are not downloading the latest "Pirates of the Carribean" while you are burning, could slow things up. Is your computer bogging down on other applications?
My first thought when I saw this post was that you might need to defragment your computer. But I was sure someone would come up with something better so I let it go. After seeing that Zenblaster was kinda thinking along those lines I threw out my 2 cents. It never takes very long to burn a cd in my experience.

Couple other less likely problems (hopefully) is hard drive filling up or a virus. Defragmenting and viruses presuppose you run Windows.

Last thing that might help is to ask this question in the digital forum where the "others" live.