burning a cd with track numbers removed?

I have a problem in that my Bryston cd player's drive can only read a cd with a maximum of 38 tracks and therefore cannot play the few discs i have that contain over 50 tracks ( all classical music ). Can anyone tell me if its possible ( and how) to import a cd , at present using itunes onto a mac, and then to burn it is such a way that the track list is bypassed or at least reduced to under 38 without losing any of the music on the cd. I'm a novice with regards to computers ( hence the mac) and although I have no problem burning/coping a cd normally this has me stumped. Thanks.
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Have you tried ripping the files in a lossless format and then burning two discs, with the songs split such that half of them are on one disc and the rest on the other?
Join Cd Tracks is right under the Advanced menu.
Hi Synthfreek, thanks hadn't noticed this. However its in 'light grey ' at present. How do I get it 'Black' so I can select it. Sorry if the answers easy I'm a bit of a idiot when it comes to computers.
Sufentanil yes if all else fails I have to burn more than one disc but some of the discs are really one long piece but are annoyingly broken up into all these different 'tracks' so I'd prefer on one disc if possible
Pop the cd in. After it is recognized and appears you just highlight all the songs(select any song then press Apple + a to select all) and then the option should be available. When you rip it will be 1 track.
Thanks a bunch! worked perfectly . Really appriciate it.
This is also a solution for albums such as DSOTM to play with no gaps on an older iPod.