burned cd's

what makes some players read re-written cd's and how, why, and how can I make sure that I purchase a unit that does so?
Most if not all CD players and even DVD players read and play CD-R's (not CD-RW's) by now. But to be sure, read the specifications of the particular unit you're considering. These can be found at the websites of each manufacturer. I look at specs all of the time on-line. Just don't use CD-RW's for copying CD's.
Thanks for the response. I did just that and purchased a player that I am currently listening to. Am enjoying lots of good "ol" jazz. Posted with some other sites and received alot of jargon and some rude remarks so I appreciate the honesty of your answer. Finally went to a site that explained all technical questions for me. As you stated I just made sure to check the specks and got what I needed for myself and my system. Happy listening to you!