Burn in the cable

are we really need to break in our cable? what is the quick
way to break in the cable

The Audiodharma Cable Cooker is the quickest way to get you there.
Cables usally only take around 50 to 75 hours to break in, so use break in disc by Purist audio ect., to break in a little quicker or run cd player on repeat for 2 to 3 days on low volume..
Good Luck,
Don't waste your money on any of the break-in products, as, technically, cables "break in" every time they receive current.
The break in disc is not just for break in, as it also improves the sound some on entire system..
So if you get a used one, to me it is not a complete waste of money..To just break in cables though, i just suggest running cd player on repeat for a few days..