Burn In... the Age Old Question, Cables, Components, and Speakers

First, if I choose to burn in my new speaker cables playing only Pink Floyd or something like a Windham Hill Electronic collection, both on CD, will eventually my cables be best suited for those two types of sound? Not that they would not be good for other music, but would they be BEST for the Pink Floyd or Windham Hill sound?

Second, do components need to burn in too, like a new CD player, or even (don't laugh) an Amazon Echo Link?

Third, I'm mostly sure that speakers NEED to burn in because the last time I bought new ones (Focal Arias) I got home, hooked them up and could not wait for the amazing sound that I knew would spring forth, but alas, they sounded like a pair of White Van Speakers and my heart sank into my stomach. Then as I was getting everything set to return them, (about 3 hours later) I returned to the music room and to my amazement I was listening to the best pair of floor standers I have ever heard. Then over a few days time, they were even better. So I kept them, and they are just great. 

So... any comments anyone?
And from now on it's BREAK IN, not burn in... Even though Steve Guttenburg has called it such, but I guess he's really no authority on the matter, either. :-)
I have the Audiodharma and this device takes my cables to a point I could never reach with normal practices. I was especially impressed with the burn in of the tonearm cable. I am a believer because I have heard the difference and it isnt subtle.
A lot of us would attest to the new "break in" of even old gear, but "breakthrough" is more like it. The addition of Total Contact and Omega and E+ mats continued to improve seasoned gear over many weeks. The TC on connections and the mats under and on components did not break in---the signal pathways and components rose to such previously unknown levels of performance by responding so dramatically to the field effects of the mats, "break in" or "burn in" doesn't come close to what has changed.  Most of us gave up trying to understand how---just try to accept that what you believe to be settled audio dogma is subject to revision.  "He who knows that he does not know, knows."  
Once again, for the benefit of the community: 

Audiophile Law: Thou Shalt Not Overemphasize Burn In" at Dagogo.com 

When i had MAGICO MINIs 2 they took 800hrs burn in then they sounded amazing.