Burn-in question

I will soon get My sony DVP-9000ES modified by Dan Wright and I don't want to listen to it before it is fully burned in. Can I just let the player play the same disc for one week without being pluged to any preamp/amp or is it better to let it pluged? (or to use a short resistance?)
Unconnected, there will be no current at all. While signal transmission is often mainly a voltage modulation process, it is likely some current flow may be important to breaking in. A short could be dangerous to the equipment. I suggest connecting the player to the preamp, turning the preamp's selector switch to select the player (or else you might end up with an open circuit and no current again), and keeping your basic amp connected but off, unless you want to listen to the CD.
Have Dan build you some resistive shunts. This would be equivalent to a "dummy load" in an RF installation. You can simply plug these into the back of the player like regular rca plugs and they will present an acceptable load to the unit. You can then cycle the unit on repeat for however long you like and not have to worry about anything. This would use all of the existing circuitry in the same manner as if it were in actual use, so break in would occur normally. He would not need to use anything fancy, so cost should be minimal. Anybody else interested in doing this type of project could secure the necessary parts at Rat Shack for well under $10. This takes into account that you already have a soldering pencil and know how to use it though. Sean
Do you know how to do it exactly Sean? (I have a soldering pen)

Dis all you need are mating connectors that plug into the CD's outputs; this could be RCA's, or XLR's if balanced outputs are used. If RCA's, just solder a low-ish load resistance (maybe 1000 ohms or so, low power resistors 1/4 watt or 1/8 watt are fine, & tolerance doesn't matter 10% or even 20% who cares - get some cheap ones) from connector shield to tip. If you have the Cannon plugs solder from pin 2 to pin 3. You could increase load current by dropping to around 600 ohm terminations.
Sometimes you want to break in a cable instead, or even simultaneously with the player breakin. To do this you need the mating connectors which wil fit onto the ends of your cables, then place the termination resistors appropriately. XLR's if not avail from Radio Shaft then try Michael Percy Audio. Just get the cheap connectors unless you plan to re-use them for a DIY cable project down the road.