Burn in question

I bought a new pair of Signal Cable Analog Two interconnects to go from my preamp to power amp. I like Signal Cable. All my cabling is from them; a good cost/ quality ratio. They take about 50 hours to burn in. The sound is a bit lean now, only about three hours of time on them. Is the volume level critical to burn them in? If low level works then I can leave the system on continually for the duration of burn in.
Volume level has nothing to do with burn-in. A continous signal going thru the wire is all that's necessary. So, yes, you can leave system on continually at low level.
I was wondering the same about cable burn in. Does cable burn in occur while equipment is in the standby mode or does the equipment have to be in actual play mode for burn in to occur?
As long as there's signal passing thru the cable from the preamp to the amp, thats considered burning in. But, occasionally turning the volume louder will speed the process as it has a bit higher voltage passing thru the cable.
What about a power cord connected to a component in the standby mode, is that considered burn in too?
What about speakercables, is the volume level critical here?