Burn in power cord by boiling water??

A Hi-Fi dealer the other day told me that in order to burn in and smoothen out a new power cord, I should get my wife to use it on the kettle to boil water (Rather sexist remark, I know). The theory is that kettles draw a lot more current than hi-fi equipment. He further advised not to do it more than 3 times.

Just a bit worried that the wife might not want to return the power cord after she discovers that her coffee tastes a lot better by using it.

Any opinions on this?
pouring boiling water over all your audio components works like a charm.
If I got to "boil" with my wife more than three times in rapid succession I'd have a LOT more to worry about than how my electrical snake sounds...!
Alternatively try it with someone else's wife, but beware of careless fire from the sparks flying round....
Give this guy a break !

Boiling water with your wife's kettle wouldn't do your pc much good (or harm). You'll just have to drink lots of tea or coffee ! Bob Bundus's suggestion re: using a fridge probably works better. A side effect, the ice cream will taste better.

Seriously, I have tried all kinds of crazy accelerated burn-in process. IMO, nothing beats playing pure and natural music in your system.
Gilas, you're SPOT ON. I had several extended conversations with the owner of the company my cables were manufactured by (LAT). He stressed that the absolute best way to break in cables, no matter what type, was by plugging them in and letting time take it's course. He personally felt that the BEST signal to put through a cable was music. Considering that his cables were designed to pass music, it kinda makes sense