Burn-in info for Sony XA5400ES

Hi all,
I just received my new 5400ES and wonder about burn-in process: from this forum, onwers suggest 250-400 hrs break-in. But there are 2 DACs (for RBCD and SACD) so should I need to break-in using both SACD and RBCD (say 250 hrs per each) ? Also does it matter which output (XLR vs RCA) that need to break-in ?
Break in? Give me a break. The 'burn-in' school just will not give up with that kind of foolishness. Speakers, maybe, but digital electronics should be fine, right out of the box. Aside from board and chip failure, the break in is sheer silliness.
Buco, you've either never purchased a component new or you have tin ears. Break in has been substantial on several new pieces I have purchased, most noticeably speakers,but secondly on digital players. If you dont feel (hear) that way fine,but you've managed to call a large segment of this web site "foolish" with your sweeping generalization. Many manufacturers advise specifically about break-in, are they also fools? As to the original poster, my experience was that this player really starts to settle down after a good 100 hours.
Buco hasn't a clue, ignore him/her. I bought this player new and noticed a tremendous improvement after 100 hours of continuous play. In all honesty I haven't noticed much of a change sense.

I love this player. A steal at $1500.
Thanks all,
I'm on CD burn-in side at 50 hrs mark - Will do SACD side after 100hrs.
I'll compare side-by-side with my Cary 306-200
I ran the Ayre burn in CD continuously for a full day and it made a slight difference. The Sony sounded superb right out of the box by the way.
Hi all,
My new XA5400ES hits 150hrs break-in on RBCD.
I just connect it to my system and compare to my Cary 306/200 on RBCD. My Cary player (with non-upsampling mode) has more detail, body, micro-dynamic
Overall, I would rate Sony on RBCD 8/10 compare to Cary 306/200 - which is not bad when MSRP $1500 vs $5000
My system consist of Merlin VSM-MXe/Cary SLP-05/Cary CAD120S/PS Audio PPP/Cardas GR
Not sure if I want to keep it :-)
PS: I'll try to compare it with my old time SCD777ES soon