Burn-in CD: Did it fry a midrange driver ???

Just noticed over the past 7-10 days that I'm getting a nasty buzzing sound thru the midrange driver. Noticed this weeks after using an expensive burn-in CD and system enhancer.

The speaker manufacturer is great about replacing it, but now I really wonder if, despite me strictly following the directions on the burn-in CD, did this cause the problem?

I know that there's no way to really answer this question, but its safe to say I may not be using the CD again.

Any comments would be appreicated.
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Unless you were driving the speakers very loud and with an amplifier that was too low powered to control the drivers, I would say no.

I don't know who's disc you were using, but the Purist Audio disc has been my favorite break in device for many years. I have used it on my own system and loaned it to friends with all kinds of speakers ( Vandersteen, B&W, JM Labs ) with no problem.
Albertporter: Thanks for your response. The burn-in CD is the one you mentioned. I followed the directions and have plenty of power (Classe CAM-350's into the Salons) so maybe it's not the CD, but I'm still a little nervous about it.

By the way, nice system. Appreciated the photos too.