Burmester test CD 001 & 002

I want them...where can I get them?

Good Luck and be prepared to either:

Pay a bucketful of money on Ebay,


Find a (soon to be former) friend with these CDs and "accidentally" slip them into your pocket and take them home with you,


Ask the same friend above if you can burn them, and while not the exact same as the original, at least you'll have the music from them.

My two cents.

PS If you do manage to get the originals, I'd like to come over and listen to them.
(Wink, wink, nudge, nudge!)
One down (CD II) and one to go....
So, can I come over and listen to it?
sure. come on over....
you guys are dangerous...
why is that?
Yeah, I'd like to know why we're dangerous too?!