Burmester speakers owners here ?

Does anybody has Burmester speakers ? How do you feel about their sound ?
Would love to exchange opinins and possible tricks to improve them further
I must say you hear very little from burmester owners. I have never heard any of the equipment. I am sure it is great but,yourself excluded, may be bought by people who are less audiophile like and more just wanting the 'best' where money is not an issue. I would consider listening to the stuff were money no object. This is in no way to either downplay the gears obvious quality, his love of music, or cast anything negative on your post but perhaps an answer to the lack of response.
I must say that here in Europe Burmesterare considered a "national" product which means that their price is not always sky high (they should be at least 50% cheaper here). On the contrary when auditioning American loudspeakers we are in bad position due to import duties etc etc.

This is by the way compensated as even at higher price USA products keepup due to their good tradition, reputation and advertisement: people are more attracted by USA products than European ones.

I am the proud owner of the B99. This is a beautiful speaker that looks great in my home and sounds fantastic. I believe it to be superior to the Wilson Maxx 3 and any other speaker I have auditioned except for perhaps the Wilson Alexandria. The one idiotic design flaw is that the speaker binding posts are underneath the speakers which requires one to tip the close to 300 pound monster on its side in order to audition different types of cables. It does look nice from the back but at what a cost? Can you say herniated disc in German?