Does anyone have direct experience with either the Burmester Rondo or Top Line integrated compared to each other or the Gryphon(Callisto) and Rowland (Concerto)? I would be very thankful for any ensuing discussion....especially around the Burmester and Gryphon gear.

I have tried the Gryphon Callisto and owned the Sonata Allegro Preamplifier, also I owned most FM acoustics products. The best audio gear on the planet is Kinoshita/Rey audio gear. www.Reyaudio.com This stuff is hand built by genious Shozo kinoshita. I now own his MSP-1 and HSQ4200 amplifiers. There is no better.
I am in the market for a dac and amp for my venture speakers, and I was considering fm acoustics for amp, and weiss dac, but I have never heard of HSQ4200 amplifiers. I also have the wyetech opal pre-amp, and haven't heard of the MSP-1. Do you have more on these pieces like price, and contact?
Would you like to elaborate a bit more on this Reyaudio Micb? The Fm Acoustics stuff is regarded as the best ever isnt it?
Considering the Rey monoblocks come to 50k they would want to be good I guess.
Yes, there is always something better!!!! But that's not the point of the hobby is it? It can be a 1957 Chevy, if you like it and enjoy driving it, isn't that the objective, for the purchase and subsequent upkeep!!!! Evolution, from a music lover to and equipment egotistical collector, veers off from the objective that makes this hobby a fun thing, instead of a money pit...........AND THAT'S MY TAKE.......
what are the main difference between the Burmester 956 and the Gryphon antileon signature stereo?
Concerto,nothing to do with the Callisto or Burmester sound.
Between the 3 i would choose the Gryphon,but....if we get involved the 032 Burmester..i would go with the 032.
i had the 956Mk2 driven by the 001 CD,and the DM100 driven by the LE preamp.
It is not about which is better than the other,but which one you like most in your system.
We are talking about Top notch amplifications,and in my opinion, is impossible to stand on 2 feet and say who's better than the other
What's the rest of your system?