Burmester CD 03 sampler

Just heard it the other night, are 1 and 2 as good? Burmester's sight claims they are no longer available, anyone know where to find them.
#1 seems not to exist or, if it does, in extremely small numbers. i've never seen nor heard it. #2 is excellent, with tracks ranging from classical to jazz to pink floyd's, the wall. i have duplicates of 2 & 3 but they're not for sale. you might try ebay. BTW, the word is "site," not "sight."
I have all 3 of the demo CD's, and I like the music on #2 best. Good to see a post from you again, BTW.

Scott C-
I agree with cornfed. I own disc two and it is excellent. I bought it from my local dealer. I listened to disc three and really did not care for it. You might want to do a search for Burmester dealers across the country and see if they have any extras kicking around..
Thanks for your replies & thank you for the correction CFB, it was an " oversite " on my part. ;)
Try Lyric HiFi in NYC. I believe they were the distributor for the Burmester CD's.
I have the first one and it is truly outstanding. I would love to get my hands on the second