Burmester B50 or Burmester 961 Mk3 ?

is there a big difference between Burmesters speaker B50 and speakers 961 MK3. ?

has anyone compared these two speakers?

and what do you think these two speakers required square meter in the listening room (living room) to fit in sonically,

compared to the bigger Burmester B80. ?

I own the Burmester B80 and I listened well for a long period the B50's in my listening room too..Both are great sounds...One of my friend that lives near to me owns the 961 MK3 (replaced the Klipsch La Scala II) and I listened them many times..Very superb loudspeaker too..

In my opinion the aforementioned loudspeakers sound superbly and going up with the model you'll improve surely all sound qualities.

The B50's has a more perfomance 1 and half more than the 961 MK3..
The B50's is a Burmester Top Line loudspeaker and the 961 MK3 is a classic line...
According my experience the B50's is very easy to locate in any listening room and not involve so much the distance from side/rear walls...
In order to choice them, It's important to know the dimensions of your listening room and the concerned power amp..

Between teh B50 and the 961 Mk3, my personal choice is the B50..really an hot road..

However to get the best sound from any loudspeaker is very important to have hi-quality power amps..

With best regards,
I have had the pleasure of listening to both and there are some differences worth noting. The B50s seem to be a little more tricky to drive - weak amps = poor results. They need some room from the back wall to open up, so room size is important. The 961s work well with smaller amps - too much power and you can break them up. They also are less sensitive to room placement.

Overall, I think Rocco is right. Burmester at any level sounds very good, but stepping up their product lines always reaps rewards. If you have the room and the amps, I would go after the B50s.
Thanks for the great replies.
I have today Burmesters integrated amp 051 and CD player 061,
but thinking to changing all the way up to top line.
cd 001+preamp 011 and amp 911 mk3.!

i think i go for B50 !

Rocco! if i can ask,
about how big is your listening room for your Burmester B80 system???
Hi, Krikahuet.

Yours 051 and 061 are very good components...of course if you setting up to the top line as well as, 911 MK3, 011 and 001, the sound quality improvement is very big and the B50's will be drived superbly...Very great system..Think that worldwide the top line models sonicly are considered second to none..Only reference line is better...

My listening room is 5.53 (width) x 8.10 (lenght) mtrs...

With best regards,

P.S.: If you should have other inquiries, feel free to ask...
If you don't mind, I will also recommend the new 089 and 088. Both are the very latest Burmester modoles and are Top Line, but have Reference parts.
ok, thanks!
rocco! what makes you change from your burmester B50
to burmester B80 ? what is the big different between these two speakers ?
( if you have the Amp 911 mk3 of course).!?
Hi, Krikahuet...

I have tested for about one month the B50 and I consider it an amazing speaker...Very easy to locate into the living environment...Then I tested the B80 and that was my choice...

I've to say that in my living environment the B80 sound better than B50...In my honest opinion the difference between them is not huge, but the B80 is a very good step-up than the B50...If your living environment allows, I suggest to you to point out directly to the B80...It's a magic speaker..

The series of B50, B80 and B100 are like cars, e.g. 8 cylinders (B50), 10 cylinders (B80) and 12 cylinders (B100)..

P.S.: Of course the B50 and the B80 were drived by the power amp 911 MK3.

I'm currently driving the B80 by a mono-pair of 911 MK3, preamp 808 MKV, cd player 069 with the reference power supply unit and power conditioner 948. Very amazing and huge system!