Burmester 948 / isolation platforms

Does anyone have any experience with Burmester 948 power conditioner ? Any alternatives / suggestions ? (PS300 / PS600 is not an option - already tried). Equipment is ML and Krell. Also, any suggestions for an isolation platform under ML 31.5 ?
i've only heard the burmester pc in a burmester-only system, including speaks. the burmester line is the most gorgeous on which i've ever laid my eyes. their sound, tho, tends to be a little too dry and analytical for my taste. if you're looking for a pc in this price range, i'd highly recommend your trying either of the accuphase models. for isolation, i go with great racks (zoethecus, with z slab shelves) and black diamond racing ceramic cones. i've also used 2" thick granite slabs that are designed for scientific labs.
You might consider the Vistek Aurius MIB's also. Oliver at Delve Audio can help you with them. I've been happy using them under my transport. They can be a little tricky setting up though if you have heavy cables connected to the equipment.
Ikarus- For the best isolation platform I've experienced, give Precision A/V in Moorpark CA a call. They make a fantastic isolation plate that is absolutely beautiful, but they are expensive. (By the way, I have no financial connection with them other than as an occasional customer.)
I just purchased the burmester 948 line conditioner about a month ago This conditioner is one excellent product and if you find one grab it I upgraded from a bybee which to was a great conditioner also One thing that really impressed me about the burmester was it was a very high crafted unit nothing cheap about it The other thing it dont get hot like ps audio does which I didnt care for If you ever have a chance check one out see what I mean