Burmester 911 Mk2 amp vs. other for Avalon Eidolon

I currently have ARC VT-100Mk3 running the Eidolons. Obviously, this is not allowing the full potential for the speakers, so I am looking for new amps. My dealer recommends a used Burmester 911 MK2. MK3 is the newest but not available in Korea where I live. I am wondering if people can comment on how good this amp is compared to Krells, Goldmund, Gryphon, Boulder etc.

How much are these new and used?

My other equipments are ML 31.5 CDT, Goldmund 21 DAC hooked direct to amp.

Thanks, CPark
Cjpark...all the amps you do consider are very good, however the best is GOLDMUND it is the holy grail of solid state designs. I would recommend 28.4 Millennium or single 29M don't forget you must use GOLDMUND pre amp.
Best of luck
Hi! Cjpark, Currently I'm using the Eidolon also. I used the JeffRowland 8Ti with battery. It is very sweet voice for the vocal. I also notice Eidolon needs a huge power to drive.But most important is depent on what kind of music or vocal u prefer.
You may want to consider a powerful and musical tube amp, such as the CAT JL1 or Atma-sphere MA-1 or MA-2. These all have the balls to play great music with excellent bass. The mids and highs are breathtaking with Eidelons.
Believe it or not I have listend to the Eidolons with the Bel 1001 MKIV and it was spectactular!!!! Nearly as good as it gets. One reviewer in the Absolute sound thought of the BEL as possibly the greatest amp on the planet and that was in MK1 from. Check out http://www.audiooutlet.com/catalog/12.html (The MKIV)