Burmester 311 MK3 power amps need your help

Burmester 311 MK3 power amps, I have had interest in this product for some time now and I have been trying to get info. regarding their over all sound characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. I have never heard them and to do so would mean a plane ride so prior to doing this hopefully I can get some insight.

What product do they sound similar too or compare to sound wise? I would be looking at two of them in mono block configuration.

I have heard that they need to be paired up with their own pre also, is this true?

This set-up is only Redbook CD so I would only need a line stage, currently I have a Audio Research REF3 but willing to get another pre to mate up.

I heard if you decide to use another pre besides theirs and North American design that the pins on the XLR's are a different polarity and to correct the easiest is to have cable made up to address. I always thought you could just change your speaker cables connection but was told by another that there would still be issues, which is correct? Any thoughts regarding this, to do this it would be very expensive to have my current IC's done and honestly don't think I would want to.

Do these run warm?

Are they noisy, any transformer noise, noise threw the speakers?

Reliability issues.

My speakers are MBL 1O1E's which are 4 ohms but when in a room loaded actually quiet easy to drive which is a pleasant surprise.

Currently I'm driving the speakers with 60 watt mono blocks which were just put in to place short term to hold me over until I find replacements for the CAT JL3 Sig. MK2 mono blocks I had hooked up and have to say I'm absolutely shocked in the performance I'm getting.

The CAT's, well lets just say I had issues as others have posted and made the choice of not to keep them. Sound wise they were my favourites but had some areas of weakness, midrange, image focus and just a little on the bass shy but the bass I was getting I preferred to a pair of Pass X600.5's I also owed that were paired up with other speakers.
No one with any information????

I have Burmester equipment (032 and 061) and it is top notch equipement. I think the 911Mk3 received Editor Choice in TAS / Stereophile. Read the ToneArt.com review!

Cheeers, ToffenG