Burmester 089

Well, UPS Santa came today with my 089. I have been spoiled the last 4 months listening to my good friend's Burmester 069 with outboard PS, so I am used to the Burmester sound. But, I can whole heartily say, my 089 is at least 85% of the 069. The same dynamics, utter smoothness and oh-so analog sound is still there. I sold my JM Labs Alto Be's several months ago and am waiting on my B&W 802 Diamonds. So, I have not heard the full potential of the 089 yet. But still, even on a borrowed pair of B&W XT4's, I am in audio heaven. And thanks to the preamp section, I also sold my BAT 52SE. I hooked up my new LG 590 blu-ray player thru RCA to the DAC section. And quite frankly, I was blown away with the sound. I am strictly a 2 channel guy even for HT. I listened to a shower scene in a movie, and thought someone was in my shower. Same with a phone ringing in a movie. I went to look for my phone for a second. I was also amazed at the added slam and force of the bass region, even without a sub and using the XT4's 5 inch woofers. I know it is not really fair to compare it to my old McIntosh MCD500, being $3x as much. But is is entirely on a higher level in every way possible. There is so much more liqudity, fullness in a 3D way to the notes. It is like going from a very nice watercolor painting to a Rubens.
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I have totally done the get up and answer the phone thing. Sadly I would rewind the movie a little and start the whole process again. I think it was on the fourth time that I realized nobody was hanging up on me.
Surferjoe. please put the bong down and go to sleep.