Burmester 069

I am wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to listen to the new Burmester 069 reference CD player? How does it compare with their 001 top line player?
I heard it recently in an all Burmester setup and we had the opportunity to compare it to the 001. The setup was 069/001 cd, 011 pre, 2x911 monos, B100 speakers. All cabling was Nordost Odin.

The 069 sounded like a Burmester CD player, just better! Very open, dynamic, transparent and three-dimensional. The 001 which still is very good sounded less transparent, not as fast and a little more restrained. Of course, you will need a very good system to benifit from the differences up to the 069.
I am moving from my Burmester 001 to the Burmester 069. I have the amps and 948 Burmester conditioner as well. The 069 I demo'ed was amazing and after 5.5 hours, I had to make the trade-up. It just does everything better.
you will not regret it. I moved up from Burmester 001 to 069 myself and as good as the 001 is, the 069 is a lot better. I chose this player over Accuphase, Esoteric, Wadia and dCS separates. The Burmester is simply more musical I think.

I have ordered the new 077 reference preamp and will hopefully have it in 6-8 weeks.

What Burmester amps and what speakers do you have?

What were the Esoteric, Wadia, and dCS models you heard? I'm curious because I believe the Wadia 931/921/270se, dCS Scarlatti, and Esoteric P-01/D-01/G-0R represent an uncompromised approach to reference digital. I'd like to know how Burmester fits in there. I believe it is similar in the price ballpark.

I am not too sure about the 001, but compared to my brother's 061, i thought the 069 gave me a sense of grander/fuller scale, detailed but with sharper contrast, regal and majestic. When my bro got 061, I thought to my self, 'no way a redbook CD player can any better', I was wrong. You really have to sit down with the 069 to know/feel what i'm talking about. Hard to put into words.

069 CD transport/DAC, 808 MkV Preamp, 909 Power amp, and B100 speakers
Accuphase 800/801, Esoteric mod APL3.0 and Wadia 270/931/921. I am sorry but have not heard the latest dCS, only verdi/purcell/elgar. Among these I prefer the Accuphase rig. The others are too cold/analytical and less musical in my ears. But I prefer the 069 over the Accuphase. The 069 has more resolution, depth and is more dynamic and musical. This player plays with more "confidence" and authority than any other player I have heard. I could also add Mcintosh MCD1000/MDA1000 combo to this and Theta Compli/GenVIII which I have had in my own system. Also when I run the Theta Compli as a transport into the Burmester 069 as DAC it sounds like a cheap toy in comparison... The 069 just amazes me! I must add I use the 948 conditioner and think that gives the 069 a benefit. There is a lot of synergy when using Burmester components together. That also includes the Burmester power cords. I have tried Valhalla, WireWorld Gold and latest Synergistic Research, but the $500 Burmester AC cord beats them all in my system!
That's interesting. I figure that the Burmester and Zanden have a flavor that is very dynamic and solid, yet smooth. The Wadia, Esoteric, and Scarlatti immerse you in information, which can also be satisfying and equally 'musical'.

I think digital has been near perfected, from several viewpoints. Too bad about the cost.

A funny thing which struck me;
in Norway, where I live, I can buy 3 new Burmester 069s with the reference power supply for the price of 1 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limeted with the V8 4,7L engine. In the US I think you get 2 such cars for the price of 1 Burmester 069 with the reference external power supply.
I guess this has some impact on our priorities... Crazy!
In the US, if you're considering these players then you need to also consider the Playback Designs MPS-5. It'll be at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, in the Soundings high end room.

For the price differences, you could afford the airfare to Denver and stay at the Ritz and, perhaps, buy a new car.

001 is a very good player, but the 069 is the best cd player as confirmed also by Harry Pearson.

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I might have understood you incorretly but it seemed to me that you had heard the Accuphase 800/801, Esoteric mod APL3.0 and Wadia 270/931/921 in additon to the dCS Verdi/Purcell/Elgar and that of these you prefered the Accuphase combination. May I ask in what system you heard the Wadia combination.

From what I have experienced, I believe that the Wadia combination is better than the Burmester 069.
I believe the choice of any of these top notch players in the end is just a matter of personal taste. Some prefer Wadia over Burmester, some not. Personally I am in the latter group.
You have heard the Wadia combination? Where?
Roysen, this is an old thread. Things move on, so I can not comment on the latest Wadia separates. I am sorry, but have not heard them. I am sorry my earlier posting could be interpreted that way. My experiences, except from latest integrated players, are with older models. But anyway you get a clue about the different brands philosophy.
I'm the one that also preferred the magic sound of Burmester 069.
I am wholly and completely in the Burmester 069 camp.
Burmester period. I have owned Wadia and had tried the various mods. To compare the 069 to anything else is a joke. The 069 supremecy is absolute for me. Then again, I can only speak for my ears and my taste. To each their own.
Good VERY overpriced!!
Ebm, so are girlfriends and sports cars!
I just bought the new Burmester 089 CDP/DAC/PRE. Review to follow shortly.
Some days ago compared the Burmester 069 with the top and latest Audio Note U.K. combo dac+transport...

The Burmester sounds much bette in all parameters...

Really amazing the Burmester 069...Huge sounds..
Just listened to a 069 last night again. I swear, I kept looking on top of the 069, to see if there were some tubes sticking out.
Incredible and very amazing unit. Great & huge sounds.
I ended up buyig the new Burmester 089. It is considerably less expensive than the 069, but clearing made from the same cloth.