bundled signal wire

I know that power cords should not be coiled.   How about signal wire?  Inside my boutique preamp, surplus lead wires are bundled on top of the Jensen transformers.  Will this impact the sound in a significant way?  
That's weird steakster I've not seen excess signal wire like that why not just trim it down if there's too much as your building? May I ask what type of preamp that is or by boutique did you mean a custom build?
If you coil a pair - signal and return, then it should not matter. Best would be to cut them shorter, but coiling them is better than leaving them loose.  It shouldn't matter for power cords as well.  When you coil them you only increase inductance for common mode signal (noise) - a good thing.  Inductance for normal mode remains unchanged.
I have a question. Does it sound good? Do you hear something you don't like?

Looks? I'm pretty pick how the inside of a piece looks, shows what the builder was made of.. The little bit I saw, was pretty clean.
BUT, when the ol OCD gets to kickin', those wires would probably get a trim job.  ;-)


@jond Better phrased as: made by boutique manufacturer. The preamp is an Audio Horizons TP 2.3SvB. Music sounds fantastic.

A shorter signal path is always preferable. Yet, shortening these wires would be a lot of delicate work in a very tight space. The board attached to the RCA inputs would need to be removed and re-attached. About 12+ solder joints. It would be very easy for the soldering iron to melt something it shouldn’t.

I’m of the school: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But, OCD is always lurking in the background. If it was a simpler procedure, I’d probably go for it.