bundled signal wire

I know that power cords should not be coiled.   How about signal wire?  Inside my boutique preamp, surplus lead wires are bundled on top of the Jensen transformers.  Will this impact the sound in a significant way?  
That's weird steakster I've not seen excess signal wire like that why not just trim it down if there's too much as your building? May I ask what type of preamp that is or by boutique did you mean a custom build?
If you coil a pair - signal and return, then it should not matter. Best would be to cut them shorter, but coiling them is better than leaving them loose.  It shouldn't matter for power cords as well.  When you coil them you only increase inductance for common mode signal (noise) - a good thing.  Inductance for normal mode remains unchanged.
I have a question. Does it sound good? Do you hear something you don't like?

Looks? I'm pretty pick how the inside of a piece looks, shows what the builder was made of.. The little bit I saw, was pretty clean.
BUT, when the ol OCD gets to kickin', those wires would probably get a trim job.  ;-)


@jond Better phrased as: made by boutique manufacturer. The preamp is an Audio Horizons TP 2.3SvB. Music sounds fantastic.

A shorter signal path is always preferable. Yet, shortening these wires would be a lot of delicate work in a very tight space. The board attached to the RCA inputs would need to be removed and re-attached. About 12+ solder joints. It would be very easy for the soldering iron to melt something it shouldn’t.

I’m of the school: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But, OCD is always lurking in the background. If it was a simpler procedure, I’d probably go for it.

steakster cool looks like a nice preamp and looking at the pic in that review the wire looks bundled on that unit too. I would say as long as it sounds good and works right relax and enjoy the music!
It looks like more than what’s actually there.     You have six wires to each transformer and they’re only actually looped (more like folded) once.       It’s always better to leave some extra wire, between components/connections, just in case something has to be adjusted, at a later date.          Within reason; I’ve always done the same (though; I'd probably have made those a tad shorter).        Stick with your schooling and don’t bend to the OCD.
Before you do anything, why don’t you contact your boutique manufacturer and ask them why the wires were left bundled. There may be a legitimate reason.
Geezzz, now you got me with an amp flipped over. I been working on one factory mess for 3 weeks, off and on.  AES Six Pacs.. and a Cary V12 for over 3 months...

Trust me yours looks like someone actually cared.. I have three Cary  amps. It's gonna take a while, they were VERY messy..., now they are just messy. 

All the signal wire is getting the best wire I could find... Pure silver...Teflon/vinyl/silicone cover... SC. Pretty stiff, I like it.

I'm removing all the old terminal strips and replacing them with  HT silicone/resin turret boards a pure silver turrets. I've done about two strips  of 12 or so.  6 of 30 wires, or so.

Thing that gets me, The reason I got the V12, I smoked a MC275. I was just looking and found CARY... For looking kinda bad inside, outside they are really nice, well made, seem to be good parts, very FUN, the V12s


Honestly, come one come all, they have been transformed...from good, to just plane wonderful, better than the a pair of really tricked MC30, a 240, that had the Samra Touch rebuild parts.. All my VTLs, any of the KT88 or 90 units, like MC60s, VTL300, 225s, MC275s (64) and GG.

2000.00 + 400.00 in parts... My moma, she weeps, tears of joy, from heaven, when I play the stereo....

Point is .. OCD rules......;-)


As someone has already said the wire doesn’t look like it’s coiled it’s folded so it’s not creating an inductor. If the wire was working as an antenna, picking up noise from the PSU you’d hear it.
If you’re proficient with a soldering iron then you could tidy it up... if you’re not then a dry joint would be a bigger problem than 4" of wire.
Essentially these wires are just an extension of the interconnects so really it’s a question of whether you’d bother chopping 4" off an interconnect. If it was me I’d just put the cover back on the amp.
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