Bullet With My Name On It, When The Curtain Falls

Any Dream Syndicate fans out there? I still say the best of 80s guitar bands in any incarnation that they had. Someone told me they just re-issued Medicine Show..... Every album was absolutely brilliant even their last one. Not only the guitar work, but the lyrics were just stunningly eclectic and cynical. I thought they were much better than REM at the time....and I just listened to all their CD/records this weekend....and they still ring true as a great band...they hold up rather well. Which is your faves? YouTube has some of their live stuff..some with only hundreds of hits, surprisingly sparse.

I like the first one, "Days of Wine and Roses," best, very grungy and great. Karl Precoda's guitar on that record is just a force of nature.

By the way, I saw them with REM in 1984. Great show.
What a great rock and roll band. They finally just rereleased "Medicine Show" this month. I like the Steve Wynn solo albums and the Danny and Dusty works as well.