bullet proof amp

I need a bullet proof amp to put into my shop where many people could use it,some not so careful, that can drive 4 speakers. vintage preferred.
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Forte 3A ($450 used)
IMHO....Crown. Their amps are truely bullet proof.
Outlaw amps are bulletproof. Any short and they shut down and reset when turned back on. I am ashamed to say that I have accidently "tested" them and they are very forgiving, as well as affordable.
What speakers?They best be Klipsch or an easy load.Look at a Mac perhaps.Do you have a preamp?I bet not,anyway,look for a Mac or Marantz receiver,a good one will run 3-700$ depending.....make sure it has good ventilation.....be prepared to lose 2 of those speakers if whatever you get runs hot......sounds like fun,good luck,Bob
I forget Threshold or Levinson,though their not considered vintage yet....
Can purchase a good used one on Audiogon and still have
the remaining warranty.
Get Bullet proof speakers (pro gear) first - usally these are what gets destoyed very quickly!
I second the Crown amps. My D150 is still working flawlessly after 37 years!

Bob P.
McIntosh mc2105...circa 1967 thru 1975 or so,and still available almost daily on the 'gon...2x105 watts!
I don't know whether Bryston 4B-ST can be considered as vintage. I remember reading some comments about these amps being used in some night clubs and discos by DJs, and that cigarette butts are discarded on top of them and drinks spilt on them, and after continuous play at near clipping levels the amps never failed.

Also, I read somewhere here about the Krell KAV-400XI being dropped from a waist-level table onto a concrete floor and come out fine, although the concrete floor was chipped. Certainly built like a brick.
1.) Crown first, Hafler 2nd, and also Carver
2.) Pro touring amps
Amen Shadorne!It sounds as he has those already[guessing],but good idea as he'll be blowing up what he has real soon......
I short out the speaker terminals while the preamp volume is up all the way as a demo at shows. In addition, I pull tubes out of the amps **while they are playing** and swap them from one channel to the other, with no ill effect or artifact at all. Is that what is meant by 'bullet proof'? or does that have more to do with what happens when you drop the amp?
Jeff Rowland doesn't want his amps coming back so he builds them accordingly. The Continuum 500 integrated has everything that almost anyone could need as the foundation of a great system.

Berning amps, bulletproof-yes - any model should suffice.
Buy a pro audio amp. They're designed to take abuse in commercial sound systems and operate in less than ideal condtions of use.

However, I agree wtih Shadome that damage to the speakers is a bigger condern than what amplifer is used.

If you don't trust the operation of the system, then get a pro audio amp with built in DSP. This would allow you to set the amplifier limiters below the point of clipping or below the point at which the speakers would be damaged, which ever is less.

Something like a Crown XTI-1000 probably would be more than adequate power-wise. It is rated for 8, 4 or 2 ohms operation and has the built-in DSP functions.
McIntosh MC 2300 will drive a .5 ohm load (almost a direct short!) all day long. Doesn't even sweat. You should these strapped in mono... The Dead used these amps for there sound system for years.
Sure, but gone are the days when touring amps weigh >100lbs each for a mere 300 or 600 watts.

Heck, I've got amps that will put out 3,600 watts (if you can supply enough input juice) and weigh only 30lbs, and they're bloated pigs by today's TOTL touring amp standards.

Check out PowerSoft K20 or some of the Lab.gruppen stuff if you want to see real power in a small package.
Aragon 8008 - I heard someone say once that you could hook it up to your curtains and get sound.....
Why would anyone put amps like those (Aragon, Mac, Bryston, Forte, et al) in a "shop system" where it's going to be abused by the environment? Not to mention who might be operating it.
Berning zh270.
because I will be the one who will be listening most of the time and I want at least a decent sound system.
and I can afford it

Used Plinius SA-250MK4 is as bullet-proof as it gets, excellent sound and will drive whatever you care to feed it.