Bulbs for McIntosh MC2155?

HELP! Anyone out there know where I can locate bulbs for my beloved MC2155 amp? Haven't had any luck locating them myself, and I'm in the dark. OK, very poor pun intended. Amp is perfect except for one meter bulb that is burned out, and it annoys me. Thanks.
Call McIntosh, they will send them to you at about 1.50 each plus postage. I would buy a few extra as you save on future postage. I have some extras here that I will no longer need as my amps have LED. If you need a few let me know and we can work out a deal. Also you can get them from Audioclassics.com
Thanks Theo. Called McIntosh and they wanted ten bucks each for meter bulbs. My service guy finally found extra bulbs at his house. He replaced thirtteen bulbs, four capacitors, repaired broken harness, replaced glass front (that I supplied), calibrated and cleaned for two eighty. A good deal and worth the wait.
Wow! Either the bulbs have really gone up or your 2155 takes a totally different bulb than the one's I have used on my older amps. Sounds like you made a good deal with your service guy. Glad you got it fixed.