Built -In Home Zone Systems

I am building a new home and would like to get some suggestions for a simple, quality mid-range, built-in multi-zone music system. Thanks,
1-don't piggy back this off of your home theater receiver. Buy a stand alone unit to run it. I really like the Denon multi zone units if you are on a budget. Otherwise, Niles is really nice. Even with the denon, I would drive the bulk of the system with a higher quality external amp and something in the lines of a niles impedance matching selection unit.

2-Be careful on speaker placement. Some rooms will do better with in-walls while others work better with in ceilings. It all depends on where you will sit and if you will end up only hearing 1 of the speakers. Dual channel single speakers work great in small rooms (stereo tweeters, single woofer).

3-wiring: Unless you are going with a wireless system, pull extra wires to every location that you will have a controller in. Personally, I prefer independent stereo volume controls in each room. Most digital volume controls will change the main volume for all rooms which can be a problem.

4-Keep it simple. You need to be able to fix things or even re-set them when the power goes out.

Finally, different amplification will make a huge difference. I switched my system from a 300 watt QSC commerical amp designed to handle constant use and had loads of power to a simple 100 watt PSE amp. It was amazing what a difference I heard even in my bathroom with a pair of niles in ceilings.