Built a Flexi-type rack?

I'm wondering about building a thread rod and butcher block type rack. Anthing other than the appropriate size nuts for for spacing the shelves? (Washers? Bushings?) Attractive treatment for top of rods? Effective treatment for footers? (Rack would sit on hardwood floor.)


Thanks for the detailed report! Sounds like you've got a winner. Materials are expensive as is the time involved, but the end result is something you can take pride in and get system benefits at the same time.
Excellent job and very nicely detailed! Thanks John.

FYI, I noticed that Bed, Bath And Beyond now carries the John Boos butcher block. Great prices if you receive the same 20% off coupons that I seem to get twice weekly :-))
Sounds to me like a lost cause,the advice that echoes for the rest of us from his comments is to buy the Mapleshade with the much beefier (inch and a quarter rods) and be done with it.Trying to sell a home made rack will not retrieve even half of the original cost.
Yioryos, having built two flexi racks myself I somewhat agree. Right now I'm toying with the idea of building another using granite. The next one should be a lot easier as I've learned from my mistakes. Please talk me out of it.