Built a Flexi-type rack?

I'm wondering about building a thread rod and butcher block type rack. Anthing other than the appropriate size nuts for for spacing the shelves? (Washers? Bushings?) Attractive treatment for top of rods? Effective treatment for footers? (Rack would sit on hardwood floor.)


I knew it was you. The price is really pretty high. I just got brass rods, nuts and washers from McMaster yesterday. Looks very nice.
The only minor "problem" is, rods are covered with some grease and need to be cleaned. Any ideas what's best to do it with?
I left the the grease on till near completion. I did remove the excess with a cotton rag before starting. You are going to be threading A LOT of nuts when you put the thing together. It makes the work somewhat easier. When you are ready to clean, Dawn dish soap with water and a sponge works, then use Brasso polish to shine things up. Then a final buff coat of paste wax on the shelves.
I was very lucky and was able to get my 1-3/4" maple shelving for free, they are old workbench tops that were being thrown away at work. I was able to make four shelves from one bench alone! I'll try posting some pictures as soon as I replace the steel rods and flange nuts with my new brass rods and fittings.
This is why I bought Mapleshade hardware to use with my Tony's Woodshop butcher blocks.

All in, this stand is costing me alot..more than I expected (but not as much as a Samson...by a few hundred when you factor in shipping). But I'm hopeful that it will be worth the time, effort, and cost!

If you have a Lumber Liquidators near you, they have deal on nice 1-1/2" thick x 25" wide x 96" (or 144")long unfinished and sanded piece Maple butcher block.


I recently bought an 8-foot piece, cut it into six 25" x 16" sections, beveled the top edges (45-degree), and carefully drilled the holes with a Forsner bit. I then use a very light stain and sprayed them with a semi-gloss polyurethane and used the new Maple shelves to replace the black 3/4" MDF shelves that came with my old Michael Green Just-A-Rack.

The Just-A-Rack came with 3/4"-10 black steel-rods and black jam-nuts as well as big heavy 3/4"-10 threaded cone spike feet and matching custom cap-nuts for the top shelf.

Wow, what a difference in looks, and the sound seems to have improved as well. It's quite heavy. The best part is that I spent under $200 and a few hours to get a killer rack.

Now, if I could just figure out how to post a picture . . .