Built a DIY butcher block and iron pipe rack over the weekend

A lot our decor in our new finished basement is the rustic/industrial trend of wood and iron pipe. A lot of it I have built myself. I wanted a new audio rack so I was doing a lot of searching and set out to build one this past weekend. I am very happy with the result. It is a beast, weighing about 70 pounds. I used 3/4" pipe for the supports and 1.5" butcher block. It was also my first time using a hand rubbed danish oil finish, I always used some sort of poly or acrylic finish in the past. I would love any feedback. My only thing I am not sure of is the footers. I used the round steel floor plates and to avoid scratching the floor I am using a heavy felt pad on each foot. I know some type of point would be more isolating but its hard to blend isolation into decor without it looking wild and keeping the wife happy too. (oh, just don't laugh at my isolators on the preamp, they are temporary until my new ones arrive, I just noticed them in the photo).
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That looks fantastic! 

Will definitely be stealing this idea when I eventually move my gear into a dedicated room. Stain it whatever color matches and go! 

Watco Danish Oil is a great finish.  It hardens and seals the wood.  Watco Satin Wax for final touch.  Nice job......
Beautiful job. I wish I was talented enough to make.  
I built the same with the difference being for the wood I used precut stair treads cut from oak ( Home Depot $35 each). Then placed granite pieces I got for free as scrap from a countertop company on top of the wood. Looks good and adds great isolation to the components. Also built an identical rack for albums just omitted the granite.