Buildling a Frankenstein HT system....

After upgrading my 2 channel system, I found that I have enough to build a home theater system. What I have includes 2 Silverline Panatellas for my mains, two Advent monitors for the rears, 1 Yamaha 150w sub, and a Panasonic DVD player.

I just need an amp.

Any suggestions?

And will this work? I'm not looking for the ultimate, but something functional.
amps.. and a proccesor
Just get a used HT rcvr like a Yammie or an Outlaw or a Marantz. Should be able to do it for under $500 easy. Like this one: [url][/url]
What is Yammie?New brand?
Sorry, Yamaha.
My recommendation, rather than doing a mix-match, 4.1 channel system, is to simply stick with a well thought out and put-together 2.1 channel system. Forget the 4 channels! If you're not going to go 5.1 or more matched speakers, you might as well keep the "quality quotient" intact. My 2 cents...
I agree with Flrn about the mix-match speaker thing. If at all possible, its always better to work with matching speakers. However, the 2.1 theory is very questionable. I would much rather spend a little more money and do things the right way the first time, then settle and regret your decision until you finally upgrade to 5.1. To some degree, no media is available in 2.1, especially for HT. A 2ch mix, yes. However, you're downmixing (compressing) the 5.1 into 2.1 if you go the route Flrn is suggesting. IMO, it will keep you content for time, but you'll finally conclude that little "something" is missing.

IMO, keep the player and sub if you like. Sell the speakers and add this to a little more money and get a good processor (maybe Arcam...) and 5 matching speakers.

Now you're off to a better start for you HT.