Building Tube Amplifier Kits in Bloomberg Business Week 10/26 issue.

There is a picture of a Bottlehead Kit and the article discusses the resurgence of building kit amplifiers in the Covid environment in their Pursuits section. There is an Audiophile section that includes self powered speakers and performances that are being streamed from the Met Opera.

Has our hobby become mainstream?

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No. What's become mainstream is the fake narrative that we can all be quarantined at home and be just as happy and fulfilled (and paid) as before. Watch next month for articles on all the fancy great ways you can bake a turkey breast now that no ones coming over since Thanksgiving's been canceled. It won't mean there's been a resurgence in the culinary arts. Just means they're still writing what they're told. 

Bottlehead has been doing great and the founders have fingers in many esoteric areas of interest- high speed tape, direct to tape or disc recordings, The Tape project. I have a heavily modified Bottlehead driving the head of my Revox half track. One only need look to craft beer, small batch, salts, etc to understand that what were Once marginal niche markets have grown into viable thriving interesting eco systems,,,
JFC MillerCarbon give it a rest already no one cares about your politics or wants them polluting every single thread.

And very cool that Bloomberg did that piece lots of interest in kits these days and pursuits like listening to music, One nice side affect of what we've all been going through.