Building Second System...which cables in my budget

I am putting together a second system for my "man cave/office" from some unused components I have around the house, Adcom GFP-565 preamp, Onkyo M-506rs amp and a Sony CDP-XA1 ES cd player.

To go with this stuff I purchased a used set of B&W CDM1 speakers. I haven't used this amp in about 8 years but I remember it being a little harsh/bright so I also purchased a Yaqin tube buffer (and several up-grade tubes) to smooth things out a bit.

Now since I only spent $650 on this system total I would rather not spend $400 on cables. I need 3 RCA cables, a 10' set of bi-wire speaker cables and a power cable (for the tube buffer, I have read that the stock cable weak and upgraded cable makes a big difference) my budget is $200. I could go as high as $250 but would like to spend less.

Any recommendations?
Make your own cables.It's a fun and easy project.
I'll take that to me there are none :)

I would rather purchase some just for the speed of getting the system together but it does sound like fun. Any advice?
used Kimber PBJ RCA's and 4TC speaker cable along with a low end power cord from Kimber, Cardas or Signal Cable should come in around your $250 budget ... might be tough to find all used though
Used Paul Speltz anti cables..Cheap and great for the $$$$
PNF cables are good and inexpensive, even new.
Thanks for the help!

Keep the advice coming...

Think this system is going to sound ok with these components?
For speaker/IC:Try the MAS Grey/Parts Connection:$80/M/pr (FL)-these are a silver IC with teflon dialectric and have a nice/full treble and the Home Depot red-orange/black 14 gauge AC extension cord (80-100"/$15).If you try the SC,try reversing direction and compare-one direction will be better than the other.Spend the rest on the PC.
MAS grey:Agon member:Audioparts. are very inexpensive and built well
Raul, email me and I will put you in touch with someone who will design a set of cables for your system without any obligations. I guarantee you that they will blow anything you have ever heard out of the water. Dont dare try them in your main system or you will sell the others you own. I'm not exaggerating.
With what you have why get all uppity with the cables, monster's should be fine.

Amp will now be a Bryston 2B-LP, sold impressive looking questionably performing Onkyo this AM.

Seems that will be a step in the right direction.