Building Rack - Need Suggestions for Maple & Brass

Building a rack similar to the Maple Shade Rack, and would like to know where the best resources are for polished brass nuts for the shelves, threaded chrome 4 ft. rods, and curly or birdseye maple boards dimensioned at 16x48x2. I'm going to combine this rack using audio pints. Thank you!
You'll have to do some homework in your own area as for as Exotic Hardwoods. You'll have to snoop out local woodworkers supply type stores, to find out where woodworkers score their stock.

In my area over the years I have been lucky to locate 2 sources. Both are private, have a huge following & do not advertise!

1.) You cannot order Exotic hardwoods the size you need Sight Unseen! Wood characteristics at these price levels have to be Hand Picked! One Persons vision of Beautiful Grain, could be anothers Nightmare!

2.) Birds Eye Maple in the size you need will have to be Laminated due to your size requirement, get readfy for some outrageous prices!!!

3.) You'll have to learn what a piece of raw stock will look like once it's finished prior to this venture.

Good Luck
I recently bought a nice piece 16.5 x 51 x 2" thick slab of maple on Ebay. I chopped it in half with a Japanese handsaw to make a mobile amp stand. I still need to joint it and finish it.

You could also buy a piece like that from Mapleshade cut to your specs. It seems like they use pieces with nice spaulting. It'll cost you though.