building on a budget--looking for amp advice

I'm trying to put together my friend's first sound system for around $500 or less, consisting entirely of decent used equipment. I've decided that the old B&W 600 series is a good bang for the buck, esp for a newcomer, and if they can be found cheap enough. I found a pair of 602.5 S3's (not the ideal speaker, but cheap) for less than 200 bucks in mint condition, and I am now trying to find an integrated amp or receiver for $300 or less to go with them. I'm partial to Rotel, as it would be an easy match for the B&W's. However, I'm open to advice. Currently there is a Rotel RA-985bx for sale at $250, but I have no experience with this integrated amp--can anyone tell me if this would be a good match? Any other advice is welcome. Thanks a lot.
NAD integrated should fit the bill, take a look around
any specific models in particular? I've heard mixed things about some of the older NAD models.
I've had good luck with Arcam.
I would stay with Rotel. I have B&W 602s3 speakers and have used: Arcam A90, Nad 318, Rotel 1062. The Rotel sounded the best to my ears. Rotel is known to have a nice synergy with B&W speakers..... The Arcam and Nad are both nice amps also,I just think the Rotel would be a better match. NAD and PSB speakers would be another suggestion?
at your price range, choosing between nad/rotel/cambridge is sorta like choosing between camry/accord/altima--they're all very functional. personally, i've had trouble with nads, so i might look at cambridge 650/640 or the above-reccomnded rotel; you might also find a music hall 250 at your price.
thanks for the advice--I had a feeling Rotel would be the best option, mainly because I just know it will work, and I can't expect too much in this price range. However, I am very curious about some of the older models I see for sale online that are extremely cheap. Since these models were released before the internet became popular, there isnt much in the way of reviews. I wonder if anyone has experience with purchasing that stuff
Unless you enjoy problems,stay away from NAD.
i'd look for Camcridgr for acoustical music,Rotal for rock.
I second the NAD, but only the old 3020a or a Advent 300 receiver. Great, cheaply had stuff...

Arcam and Rotel are only going to be OK, no magic with them, just good enough value...

Also, I highly recommend a Virtue Audio amp, with a good regulated power supply it will best most amps with its wonderful sweetness, detail, and flow and musicality.