Building HT, 2 channel audio guy needs help

I’m an old audio geek – vinyl and R2R are still my preferred sources. Always had my system for music only in its own room and a separate (decent, but consumer-brand) “theater-like setup” with a 52” flat screen. Well, just moved to a new house and lo and behold, the house has a real theater room (also ideal sonically) with 100” screen and ceiling mounted (obsolete) front projector.

So now, it looks like my audio system will have to do double duty – switching back and forth between audio and theater modes as needed. Need some help on a new preamp or processor for the audio system to serve the theater needs. Here’s my audio system at present:
Oracle Mk I TT (upgraded to Mk II suspension) w/ SME arm and Benz Micro cartridge
Revox A-77 R2R
Conrad Johnson 2200 power amp
Conrad Johnson PV5 tube pre
Magneplanar 1.7 Speakers
Infinity powered subwoofer
McIntosh MI-3 maximum performance indicator

My inclination is to get new/used preamp or processor capable of handling the theater needs –
- (HDMI or RCA) input from cable box for audio
- Center speaker and surround speaker output (powered or otherwise) – I have an old Threshold CAS2 power amp that could be used for the rear speakers
For the video, I plan to use the cable box directly into the projector in order to make it possible to stay with a more audiophile friendly preamp.

Of course, I am not looking to break the bank given that I have been happy with what I have (sonically speaking) – maybe $2k-$3k (new or used) – or perhaps that much plus whatever I would get selling my PV5. Then I can still buy a projector to replace the out of date one that came with the house as well as a center speaker and surround speakers for the theater.

First things first – can I humbly ask the community for some ideas on the pre/processor for this system?

Thanks – Jim
Thank you both. That Marantz may be the way to go though as Dc says, it will be a sacrifice giving up the tube preamp. Here's hoping my aging ears will be none the wiser. Thanks again.
My advice would be to keep them PV5 until you try a SS receiver or pre-amp/processor. If you keep the 2200 that will help keep the tube sound.

I would also consider NAD (like the 757, 775 or 787). It does not have the bells and whistles of the Asian brands, but it is more musical than many of them. Spearit Sound has good deals on NAD. With the receiver, you can use the pre-outs for the L/R and use the internal amps for the center and surround. Interestingly, since receivers have much higher volumes than pre-amp/processors, the full receivers are less expensive that a comparable pre-amp for similar quality. Then you can use the amps as needed. You also have a wider selection of receivers to choose from.

To get an AV8801 for around $2K you probably need to go the ebay route.

Good luck.

Man you guys are clueless! There is no preamp/processor new or used that will sound as good as a tube preamp.

The solution is so obvious, upgrade to a new or demo CJ preamp which has a home theater bybass and then you can add any surround sound device you like and in addition a newer CJ preamp will be far superior and this gentleman can gain the newer features of remote control for input and volume selection.

CJ preamp demo $2k add good surround sound receiver demo $1000 and there you go.
Audiooracle - please, stop the insults. I discussed HT bypass and gave him an alternative using his existing pre-amp. I also pointed out that the SS pre-amp or receiver probably may not be an acceptable alternative to a tube pre. Your suggestion is a good one, consistent with my comments. Let the OP decide, but please try to keep this discussion civil.
Yeah,I'm with the others who said it's highly unlikely you'll find a prepro that will not be a letdown from your CJ preamp, and any one that might will likely be on the expensive side. Sounds like 2-channel is your greater priority, so why sink $$$ into processing center/surround channels just to get decent stereo performance out of a prepro?

I'd explore a decent AVR (Onkyo/Integra, Marantz, NAD, etc.) and let that do the HT processing and power the center/rear channels (or maybe use the Threshold for the center channel) while keeping your PV5 in service for stereo listening. You could get a good AVR for under $1000 and have money left over to put into other the other things you need. As stated earlier, you just hook the front L/R outputs of the AVR to unused inputs on the CJ, set a reference volume level on the CJ (I used 12:00 because it's easy) that you set it to for home theater duty and you're done. Best of luck in whatever route you choose.