Building Home Theater

I have just started to build a home theater. One and only purchase I have made is my Sony WEGA KV-36FV15. I have read just enough about home theater and stero mags to be completly confused. I'm not rich by any means, the tv was a hard buy, what should be bought next? Do I need a pre amp, a amp, a surround reciever, of course DVD, how do I do this slowly? Any and all help is needed. Thank you.
You may want to come to a couple of decisions before you spend any money. 1. Have big is your budget ? 2. Is this system just for movies or do you listen to a lot of music ? 3. How big is your room ? Once you decide on these questions, you can either build a system over time buying higher quality compnents or the quick and easy option (start with a reciever and a small 5 speaker system ). Please respond with budget and music/video preferences and I can give mnuch more accurate advice. I am also building a home theatre system and am going through the same decisions. Take care, Michael
I have been doing "system building" for 20years. If you want to build slowly,start with the best centre cahannel you can afford. Then buy front L/R from same manufacturer,but an entry level. You can spend just 150-200 on rears from PSB,Paradigm. Then purchase the best sub you can afford. You can buy an entry level DVD and modest reciever and upgrade to a better reciever or better yet separates. If you want more detailed help contact me. I charge clients for advice but I would steer you in the right direction for free. I would hate to see you make an expensive mistake.