Building first AV rack

I am trying to setup up 3 TVs with a new AV rack in my house. I want to put my network and AV devices in a specific room so I can send to all of the TVs in the house, which would be a AV rack.

So I have an Xbox Series X, a blu ray player, a Yamaha Reciever, Sony speaker’s, an eero router, tp link switch, and a power switch.

With my receiver I can only send the output to one tv but this is where I am lost.

How can I have all of these devices connected to all of my TVs and be able to switch any device on any tv at any given moment. Would I need another switch for like AV equipment or is there a way I can use my receiver to make this work?

Btw all of this is on a low budget but if I need to spend extra money I will go ahead and pay for it.


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It was simple in the old analog days with an RF converter. Now?
Beats me.