Building bedroom system.....speakers for it?


I have posted questions about the Rogue receiver and the Classe CRCD for a bedroom system. Now I would like thoughts on the best small bookshelf/monitor speakers for that system? I have enjoyed some small Paradigms in the past and am wanting to buy used. I listen mainly to classic Jazz and female vocals.

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Recommend Triangle Electroacoustique Titus 202's. Classic soundstage, imaging and midrange. Efficient, front-firing, speakers can help offset many placement issues. $350-$450 used.

Thanks for the feedback so far. I will check both of these out.

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If floorstanders are a possibility, I'd recommend some Horn Shoppe Horns. They have a small footprint and work great in my bedroom.
I built a bedroom system around a pair of used Celestion SL700s
I built a system for my bedroom using JM Reynaud Twins. They have a nice smooth warm sound, ideal for nightime listening.

I also recommend Triangle speakers. I have the Triangle Comete ES in my bedroom and they are a little bigger than the Titus. They are coherent from top to bottom and don't need a lot of power. They sound great at night especially playing Avo Part's Alina at low volumes at bedtime. Also front ported and with easy placement.
I have had Spendor SA 1's in BR system since speakers first came out a few years ago. They are superb, lifelike and fight far above their size. I have had many Spendor models over the years and finally learned my lesson - don't sell!

Those are all good suggestions. I would like to suggest one more the Spica TC-50. It is small and images very well.
I use the Outlaw RR2150 in a bedroom system. It is more than fine for those purposes. The Outlaw will also work with many small monitor type speakers. Interestingly enough, smaller inexpensive speakers will work out better than smaller expensive speakers.

I presently use the Outlaw with Totem Mites and am very pleased with the sound. Other winners were Rega R1s and NHT SB2. I was not impressed when I used it with Spendor SA1s.

Where you want to spend some cash is with the source ... less expensive DVD/ CD players (if you hook the Outlaw up with a TV) will cheapen the sound considerably.

How about some PMC TB2's. I've got a set out in the garage and they sound fantastic out there. Bought used at a good price too.
I would second Jndean's recommendation of the Triangle Comete ES's if you can move a bit higher up the food chain. Incredibly coherent, easily powered, and a surprising bass presence with a smaller room.
I think a consideration has to be how close to the wall you are looking at. In my office, I use Gallo A'Divas because they are perfect for right up next to a wall. In my bedroom, I use Mirage OMD-5s (as I have some space off the wall), with a Mirage sub, powered by a Roth MC4 ipod doc. Tubes replaced with cryogenically treated Mullards and JJs of course. Sounds absolutely amazing.

Some more things to consider. :-)