Building around ss-m3 crossovers

Being a novice (actually first time build) I need some suggestions. Picked up some Sony ss-m3 crossovers, no drivers, or cabinets. Other than knowing these were sealed,non parallel enclosures this is the extent of my knowledge. Vifa, Peerless?
I have some Polk Audio R10 5 1/4 4 ohm raw drivers I would like to use (2 wired in series).Poly mica cones, rubber surrounds,50rms/100 peak, 80-4000hz.87 db 2.83v/1m. Previously unassembled cabs are 3/4 mdf w/1 1/2" baffles.7"w x 24"h x 8"d (outside dimensions)no holes cut and 2 internal braces/dividers.
WTW or WWT configuration? Realizing that these x-overs are for a sealed cab and these drivers are used in ported cabs will this present a problem? Will my smaller cabs/drivers "choke" the properties of the x-overs?
I had previously purchased the drivers (4@ 6.00 each) 2 cabs (10.00 each) x-overs (20.00 pair)As you can see this is a shoestring build. Still have no tweeters (suggestions?)
As my name describes I buy pieces when others upgrade. Mostly Adcom,Rotel,Nad,Infinity,Polk etc. Any and all comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Nobudget
You are going to have one heck of a time getting drivers to work correctly with that crossover. As a general rule, you should design (or have designed) the crossover once you have chosen drivers. There are many budget diy designs out there free of charge. Some are fantastic, especailly for the money. This would be a much better path than trying to cobble something together. Doing this would allow you an end project that you would actually enjoy versus something that was thrown together because you had parts.

If you would like, I can point you in the direction some good resources
Thanks for the sound advice(no pun intended). I have looked up several sights before; Parts Express, DIY Audio, Madisound etc. Solid, proven designs. I'll do more research before I make my first cut....if any. I was just hoping someone had personal experience on this particular x-over.
Thanks again