Building analog setup-your expertise isappreciated

I'm fairly new to the analog world and the research I've done the last couple years has given me the upgrade bug, but I've been hesitant to move ahead on a new setup. I've tried to avoid posting yet another "what system should I build?" thread, but months of scouring such posts has answered few questions, and raised hundreds more. So here we go.

My goal is to build a decent-sounding analog system. I don't listen to CD's; I've converted them all to files and dumped them. This system will be used only for vinyl.

My current setup is focused on home theater:
Pioneer 1019H receiver
Polk PSW505
Infinity Primus 150 (LR),C25, and satellites.
Audio Technica AT-LP60 TT
Shure cart
Sony PS3

HT and 2-ch will be separate in the future, but my budget will dictate the speed that this happens.

Where I'd like to be (open to suggestions) & my budget to get there:
Total budget: $8,000 - broken up across necessary componants in any denomination up to $2k - I won't spend more than $2k at a time:

Turntable (including cart. and arm): $2000
Preamp: $1,200
Amp: $1,200
Cables: $800
Speakers (monitors or full range): $1,200
Sub (if monitors): $600
Power: $1,000

I don't trust my expertise to decide what combination of cart, preamp, etc. to put together, so I put my question to you all. I will need to purchase this one component at a time, so my question really is: What gear do you recommend, and in what order should I purchase the gear?

Thanks for your time here, and thanks for putting up with another "what should I buy" post.

Google Troels Gravesen and search his site for the Jungson JA 88D integrated amp. Purchase a Jasmine mkII phono stage for a combined used cost of around $1400 or less. Put the remainder into the TT.

I have both pieces of equipment. It will take you a long time to outgrow them. The only thing I did was upgrade the output capacitors for $25 to Jantzen Superior Z on the Jasmine SE (see Humble Hifi site's "Cap Review.") Though, the Mark II may have included a comparable upgrade.

VPI Turntables are a great value on the used market. But choose one with a metal or metal/delrin platter.
Depending on the room you have, I would not spend as much on power, cables and subwoofer and put more money into the speakers and buy the turntable and speakers used. For your 2k limit per item, and overall budget of 8k, I would get the least expensive cables you can live with and split the rest evenly on good, used equipment.

For 2k you can pick up a number of VPI and Sota products that are upgradeable and have US manufacturers and service.

You have a preamp listed, but you might need a phono preamp and a line preamp. Your best budget buy would be an integrated amp with a decent phono stage built in. There arent as many of those around as there used to be, but there is some resurgence lately.

For Speakers, if your room is large enough, get a full range floor standing speaker like a PSB Gold or Sonus Faber Liuto or something similar. These are built like a two way monitor with a built in subwoofer. Look for the crossover to be under 300hz. to keep it out of the main part of the music. These tend to work better than a mini with subwoofer.
If I was just starting out with limited experience in a new format (other than doing research), I'd let a reputable dealer do the work instead of mixing/matching unfamiliar brands. I'd tell the dealer I had $3500-4000 to spend first. Listen to the system. If you like it, great. If it needs something else, tell the dealer you can go another $500. Listen for improvements. Offer small financial increases until you're satisfied. You'll probably get out way under $8000 along with dealer support, possible trade-in upgrade options and rapport. Good luck.
Find a dealer that you trust. A space such as this will have as many opinions as there are snowflakes, each offered with the authority of a person who likes what he has. Only you know what you want.

Funny example: I have a friend with really big ears, that jut out from his head. His system is reserved to the point of being subliminal, because of how music hits his ear (to get a sense of it, cup your hands behind your ears while listening to music. That's him.) People need different things.

In general, if the rest of the system is good, speakers aren't all that crucial. So the bulk of my money would be going toward the turntable/cartridge combo. Not sure what you mean by "power," but if it's line conditioning stuff, it might be worth foregoing that for now, to get the best quality front end that you could. If you absolutely believe in it, save it for later as funds permit, take that kilobuck and put it toward the turntable/cartridge.

Without knowing what your listening tastes are and what kind of sound you like, it's impossible for anyone to make real recommendations. But this sonic omnivore (from Brahms to black metal) found his exit point with a Thorens 2030 turntable, Grado Reference Sonata cartridge and Grado PH1 phono stage. Thanks to the turntable being on closeout at Audio Advisor, I got it all done for $3k, and it's pretty spectacular. And also very pretty, visually.

Good luck in the quest but start at a good dealer, where you can hear things, and figure out what you like and want to hear.
Keep on Truckin Good Luck DUDE.
Thanks for the feedback, it is much appreciated. I'm paying a visit to a dealer this afternoon - and bringing along my Agalloch and some Penderecki. When I'm less of a noob and get the upgrade bug in a year or two, I'll try to spread my upgrade funds around audiogon.

thanks all!