Building an SET45 amp, need budget speakers

Are there any possibilities for building budget speakers to mate with a 2W SET 45 amp?

I have a pair of fostex 127E in BR enclosures, I was considering bi-amping with the SET handling 150hz+ on the Fostex's and a bigger amp driving a pair of 8" woofers for bass.

Is this a viable option?
Use the fostex FE166 in a BLH or Abby design. Dirvers are about 140/pr and wood for BLH cabinet is about $130 ( I think I used 2 maybe 3 4x8 sheets of 3/4" birch. I loved my Fi X with 45 tube with them. You also might be able to snag Klipsh cornwalls for 500 - 600 if you can afford that.

Good luck
A good enclosure should really reduce the need for woofers. Highs on the other hand may need the help of super tweeters? The Fostex's tend to roll off by 15khz (I think). I'm using Merrill Zigmahornets, simple enclosure and I'm sure it could be modified for the Fostex drivers.